Monday, October 3, 2011


Today was a great day! I hope it was for you and your little ones, also!
We caught up on a lot of read alouds today. I was reminded at inservice on Friday that I am not doing enough plain ol' reading aloud. It was an AWESOME reminder! So I got out all the Autumn books that I haven't read yet, and we did LOTS of reading! Since we were on a fall kick in this classroom, I also found in the cluttered cabinet, the Summer to Fall Scholastic News! I love that there is a little video to go along with it every time. Anyone else use Scholastic News? LOOOOOVE it!
We've been talking a lot about cooperation in our classroom, because he have a student that is high functioning autistic and needs a lot little more patience from everyone. Well, the cooperation discussion paid off! Today was the first time I have let my little first grade buzzers work in partners and they did an awesome job! No one was yelling, arguing, talking loud, hitting, etc! They were all whispering and doing a FANTASTIC job! I couldn't have been more proud! So, they each got out their yellow marker and highlighted the words in the word search on the back of the Scholastic News. We never do word searches in our school, we were once told that was busy work. But, since it was on the back of the Scholastic News, I thought I could get away with it! :)
Here's a few pictures from their first ever school word search with "highlighters"...

As you can tell, they LOVED it! :)

Happy Monday to y'all!

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  1. It touches my heart to hear all of the first grade fun you are writing about! :) You are such a great teacher!!