Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I am estatic today! It's only lunch time, (yes, we go to lunch at 10:55) but I am so happy already! My kids are working so hard and quiet today! I couldn't be more happy!!

We started the day practicing for our first spelling test on Friday. Let's just say I hope the real test on Friday goes better than the practice one today! ;)

After recess, we came back and did poetry, finished up our bee project-based learning unit, and then went into the bulk of this post!

I read Leaves by David Ezra Stein. LOVE the illustrations in this book.

We talked about how author's don't need to use a ton of words to get their story out there. And then we reviewed the CAFE strategy "Retell the Story" by writing about the beginning, middle, and end in their cute little reading journals. I sent my little buzzers back to their desks and this is just a sampling of their reading journals:



When they were all settled and working, I started pulling some little ones to work with at the table. Then, all of a sudden I hear one of my little darlings say, "Hey, I just forgot the periods!". My class is terrible at remembering punctuation, but I keep telling myself, "It's only the first quarter of first grade!" Even though it was a disruption to my high attention kiddos, it was adorable. When they say cute things that relate to what I have been hounding, I make a BIIIIG deal of it. That student gets to draw their school picture, just like they did here, expect on LARGE paper and then we write in a speech balloon what they said. We hang it up so all can see and remember for next time. They LOVE this. All of them. It really gets each child to strive to get their picture up with something brilliant they said. Here's his:

GREAT day here so far! I hope you are having an AWESOME day, too!!!



  1. Glad you had such a good day!!!! My kids are riding high since I put up my Halloween decor..what was I thinking?!?

    If you figure out that poster deal, let me know - I'm curious!

    Love your blog!!!!

  2. What a neat idea! I saw something kind of similar on Dandelions & Dragonflys. She lets her kiddos wear "Smart Beads" for the day if they do something special academically (like remember periods!). Then at the end of the day they trade the necklace in for a card to take home to show their parents. I am loving your idea and hers, I think I may have to combine the two! Here's her post if you're interested:

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  3. I read this book last week - I remembered your post when I saw it on display in my school library! Thanks for the great idea. I shared that I found the idea for using this book on your website through my blog: Hopping into First Grade, and I'm your newest follower. Thanks!