Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mold =[

So I am a little sad and upset tonight...I received word earlier today that our school has been overcome with mold. Alright, you got me, that us probably an exaggeration but seriously, at least 15 of our classrooms have mold and we are banned from school until it has been taken care of. Our state lawmakers decided to cut education funding by approximately 6% this year and in an effort to save money, our district, as well as many others I'm sure, decided to turn the AC off for the summer. I'm sure the heat and humid conditions were perfect for mold to thrive in. Hopefully they get it taken care of and it will not cause any health issues for any staff, students or parents that will be in school this year!
If you're a pray warrior like me, please remember our staff, school and district in your prayers as my school was not the only one affected. Hopefully everything will be taken care of and I will be uploading pictures and documents soon!!!

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