Thursday, July 21, 2011

Giveaway from Mrs. Tabb

From Mrs. Tabb at Another Day in First Grade! I betcha this will be ca-ute!! And fun!!

So I attended a week-long conference on inquiry or...project based learning. It was pretty cool. But anyway- we got to talking, and someone mentioned that their students were always obsessed with their shoes.  I got to thinking about it...and you know what? They totally are. I thought of those mornings when Anthony came in with his cheesy smile and just blinked at me until I finally shifted my line of vision to his crisp new tennis shoes- or when I turn the lights off and there seemed to be a disco ball in the room...oh, no- just Hannah's bedazzled, rhinestoned, glittered shoes that also light up because they weren't fabulous enough before. =)

Well, if you can't beat 'em...teach 'em.

I've turned our love of shoes into a fun mini unit that would be great for the first few weeks of school (because most of their shoes are NEW therefore NOT STINKY!) and the best part is that you don't need anything for this unit but shoes!

There's sorting, classifying, graphing, a SHOE CLUE mystery, and lots of fun activities about shoes!

Go Check it Out!!

Because I want to get lucky in Vegas, I'm going to give you some luck too...
I'm going to do this. It'll be free to anyone who blogs about this mini-unit. I don't have enough energy for another if  you want it, post it on your blog and tell your friends to snag the limited time freebie, and leave me a comment telling me you've blogged it WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS so I can send it to you...for FREE!

This is limited though. I'm going to Vegas and I'll be back Monday. SO you have until Sunday (7/24) to do this giveaway homework. I will send out the units on Monday night!

Wish me luck in VEGAS!!!

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  1. Don't you just love giveaways!? I won my very first one last night! Anyways, super cute blog. It totally makes me want to go and eat cupcakes... which would not help my diet. I will be following you now!

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