Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm back!!

Hello! Did ya miss me?
Wow, it has been a long time since I posted. I've had some issues with posting from home on a wonderful iPad! We also spent a long weekend in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota for our first anniversary!

Here's my handsome hubby and I at Mt. Rushmore!

 And here we are four-wheeling through the Black Hills near Deadwood!

And, here we are after I finished my first ever half marathon through GORGEOUS Spearfish Canyon! 

Anyway, I'm back at school. Lucky enough to have my computer up and running, so here I am! I have been workin' hard in this classroom of mine!

I have spent so much time setting up our classroom library. I went through each book and labeled them according to theme and put them in a corresponding basket. Hopefully the little buzzers will have no problem figuring out which basket their tub goes in, riiiight??? Here's what it looks like so far: 

And then, after looking at that cozy rocking chair with the bears on it, I thought it needed something more. Last year, my speech kids had a hard time saying rockING and just called it the rockin' chair. So this summer I came up with this: 

I am planning on doing read alouds and reading lessons at this chair, since it's in our classroom library. So, whatdya think?

Thank you for reading and I will post more about this year's classroom another time! Happy day to's a whoppin' 95 degrees in South Dakota today!



  1. Welcome back!! Great pics!!Your room is looking great! So jealous that you can go back in. =)It's great that you've separated your books by genres. Have you also put number stickers on the books to correspond with the baskets that they are in? I did this last year, and it was such a big help keeping the books in their correct baskets. You can get the little circle sticker/lables from anywhere. =)Numbering them really isn't very fun, but the hard work pays off big time!! Good luck!! -Jackie

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I am a new follower too. Your blog is soo cute! :)

  3. Hey, congrats on the half marathon. I've run a few and am currently training for the Royal Victoria in the beginning of October (Canadian Thanksgiving). If you ever have the chance, you should sign up for it. VERY beautiful. Half of it is run beside the ocean.

    Grade ONEderful