Thursday, August 4, 2011

Advice to New Teachers

Hey beauties! How are you tonight? I'm feeling sweet hubby plays softball Wednesday nights during the summer and it gets to be late before we get home and settled in! Then, to wake up early for tutoring my little summer darlings and a run and I'm spent!!!!

Anywho, after this quick little post, its off to bed for me! I have an 18 mile run to wake up to tomorrow before I hit up some garage sales and crafting! [= (I'm taking tomorrow off from school adventures I think!)

So, Cindy over at Fun in Fourth Grade is hosting her very first Linky Party! What advice do you have for new teachers? Go on over and check her out here:

So, since I'm a 4-year teaching veteran, I would not consider myself a wise ol' owl type but here goes:
1. Find a {new} teacher friend to mentor you. Someone who willingly shares ideas, lessons, and thoughts with you about not only classroom stuff, but life in general. I would not have survived my first year without my mentor. I've switched grade levels and moved down the hall, but I'm still asking for more. Latch on!!!!
2. Stalk blogs...especially this one! [=
3. Ask a million questions!!! Remember that ol' saying, "No question is a dumb question unless it goes unasked."
4. Go out and explore the world or at least your town/city. There are so many great community and business partners that would LOVE to come into your classroom and enrich the learning in your classroom. Plus, share what you do outside of school with your kiddies...they love hearing that you have a real life and learn so much in the meantime.
5. Don't be afraid to ask your classroom parents to help out with ANYTHING!

There you have it. I'm sure I could go on forever! Haha...

Have a BEEutiful night!


  1. Thank you so much for linking up! These are great suggestions and great advice!! I love #2!! That's something we can all do, no matter how long we have been teaching LOL

  2. I found your blog through this linky party and I am a new follower. I totally agree with your 4th establishes a connection and lets the kids know that you care about them enough to let them see into your life a little. two thumbs up from me!