Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three for Thursday!

I am lovin' Blog Hoppin' and Teacher Week! It is so much fun to creep check out everyone's classrooms and ideas! My classroom will be way more exciting when I have time to stop pinning and get to making all these great things!
Today's party is here to entertain you with THREE favorites...your favorite font, favorite blog, and favorite online resource. And I have to agree that there are so many favorites so it's hard to pick one for each category!

My Favorite Font

I can honestly say I haven't got much into the fonts. I don't have a computer at home so everything would need to be done at school and I guess that's where I can seperate school from home! I just use the boring good ol' fonts on Microsoft Word at school, so I guess my favorite would be Kirsten ITC. Nothing too fancy here. 

My Favorite Blog

I LOVE blog stalking. It's true. I can't honestly say that I have ONE favorite. I do really enjoy The First Grade Parade. I love her classroom. SO cute. I wish mine looked like that...wanna come help me Cara? I love her math tubs. I just love it all. I wish I was in her classroom! So if you haven't already, go check her out.

My Favorite Online Resource

I guess I don't know if I'd call it a resource, but during these first week(s) of school, I cannot live without and They have awesome videos that relate to standards, especially the listening and viewing standards. LOVE the Auto B. Good videos! They each summarize the lesson at the end, too.  

And now, to survive another day without getting too exhausted...even though I am already hittin' up the Diet Soda Pop. :) Have a GREAT day!!!



  1. I also love Auto B. Good! My kids adore cars, and they get the point across so well.

  2. Well, hot dang, girl!! You're too sweet!!! I'll come & help you anytime! HA!! I'll bring a giant Sonic coke and some Chick Fil A and we can "work" together :) HA!! Thanks for linking up today!!

    Cara :)