Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Currently I am...Linky Party!

I just love a good Linky Party!! This one is kinda so fun and I couldn't resist joining! I am at home, hence the not-so-cuteness! It is thrown by Oh Boy Fourth Grade and Farley has some very cute ideas!!!

So, here's what you do...
Write down what you are currently
stalking (include 3 Blogs one has to be non teacher)

And so here is mine...
LISTENING to the faint sound of the air conditioner and Sports Center.
LOVING every single one of YOU, my sweet readers!
THINKING there are not enough hours in a day to get everything at school done AND all my crafting projects at home!
WANTING to go for a run but it's now dark outside and I'm too scared to go running alone in the dark.
NEEDING to clean my house!
The Sister Teachers
I Heart Teaching Elementary
Craftiness is not Optional

So...I hope you enjoyed my currently's and I hope y'all can link up, too! Some people are so funny!

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  1. thanks for linking UP!!! I need more hours in the day too!!!