Monday, September 12, 2011


Hey y'all! How has your Monday gone???

I have to share a random personal post...sorry bloggie friends. I have to brag! I finished my first and only FULL MARATHON yesterday and I can walk today! Here are a few pictures:
I'm on the right. My cousin-in-law is on the left. Run a mile...walk a minute!

Run time! Most of the run was through corn fields and plains...welcome to South Dakota!
Feet from the finish line!! Running with my friend Randi!

Getting told they ran out of does that happen? They claim they will mail it. They better.

Here I am (in the pink) with Randi....marathon finishers! Add that to the resume....

I am so incredibly proud to say I finished. I have been battling what I thought was a bad cold for the last two weeks. I ran through mile 15 and couldn't breathe. So, I walked/ran as much as I could for the next 5 miles. After mile 20, I couldn't take running so I had to walk. I'm not so happy about the amount of walking I did, but oh well. I still finished! After a big lunch at Burger King, I went to the Acute Care. Waiting 3 hours for some random doctor to tell me I didn't have a sinus infection, even though I know my body and that's what it is. Called my doctor this morning and I'm now on a z-pak for a sinus infection.

My students were SO excited to hear about the marathon this morning!! They are even more excited to see my medal when it arrives on my doorstep!!! :)

Hope you had a great Monday!!!


  1. way to go!! you rock!! hope you're feeling better!!

  2. Congratulations! I am in awe, I would never even think of even attempting a marathon lol. BTW, I love personal stories like this, it makes it so much more fun to read blogs when you can see into a little piece of the person's life :)

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  3. WELL DONE! You should be very very proud of yourself :))) That's a HuGe

    Grade ONEderful