Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Bucket is OVER FlOwInG!!

Oh my word, you guys!

How sweet! Not only are my little buzzers amazingly quiet today, but Jennifer over at this cute little blog
 gave me the "I Heart Your Blog" award. I am in disbelief! I can't believe someone would love my random posts! Hot dog Jennifer! You are amazingly awesome, too!!!

Here's the story behind this award:

I Heart Your Blog Award: A dear friend of mine taught me a profound lesson several years ago when she shared her personal mantra, "There is only love." Since then, I have realized that by adopting this mantra in my own life, I have changed my whole approach to everything I experience. That being said, as a total newbie to the teacher's blogging world, I discovered this gold mine of amazingly creative and talented teachers out here in cyber space. There are so many of you spreading the teaching LOVE around the globe by sharing your ideas and experiences. I just had to create a blog award to celebrate those of you who touched my heart and inspired me, increasing my LOVE of teaching.

Thank you for sharing your talent with the world!

When you are awarded the I Heart Your Blog Award, you are asked to do the following things:

1. Give the "I Heart Your Blog" Award to your favorite Top 10 blogs that have touched your heart and inspired your teaching by listing them on your blog.
2. Contact that person and let them know of their heartfelt award.
3. When you receive the award, copy and past the graphic on your blog and give a shout out to the person who nominated you.
4. Spread the LOVE by passing the "I Heart Your Blog" Award on to your Top 10.

That being said, in no particular order, my top 10 favorite blogs are:
I really do LOVE you all! It's always so hard to choose just 10. Go check them out and keep me posted with more great blogs! I can't ever get enough!!! :)


P.S. I'm totally blowing the whole 1 post per day thing today. I can't wait to post about science week!YAY!!!


  1. you're so sweet. thanks for thinking of me!! :)


  2. Thank you so much for the award! It's been a rough couple of weeks for me so this has given me a boost! I'll post about it after science week is over! XO

    Rowdy in First Grade

  3. I just commented over at my blog that I JUST saw this! I'm so sorry!! You are too sweet. Definitely made me feel worse that I haven't blogged all year! Haha. Again, thanks so much for the mention. Love your blog!