Monday, January 23, 2012

Penguin Parade

Happy Monday!

Who else is excited that the Bachelor is on tonight? I honestly think that show is what gets me through the week nowadays. I have a love hate relationship with it, but I can't miss it!

I don't know about you, but my kiddos were loving learning today! Haha...this morning we started out with the Scholastic News about the Chinese New Year. That was fun. I love how they have a little video snipet to go along with each catalog.

Then, we read The Runaway Wok. I don't know if you are familiar with this book or not, but it's really cute. I got it from Scholastic, so I have the c.d. too. LOVE the c.d.'s. It's not that I don't love reading out loud, but every now and then, having the music just sets the mood. This book was AWESOME for teaching about another culture. The music in the background, the voices of the readers, and the illustrations were fab-u-lous.

Then, we completed a Venn Diagram about how the Chinese New Year compared to our New Year. Yes, it could have been WAAAAY fancier, but I whipped it out of nowhere so I had no plan to fancy. Sorry Nancy...

This afternoon, we switched gears and focused back on penguins. We had been talking about all the different species of penguins, 17 to be exact. I read this book and it's awesome:

Then,the kiddos choose partners this time and they actually did pretty well. A little noisy, but they got the job done and their penguins turned out great. They had to measure how many inches tall their penguins were in real life.

Then, label it so all could see. Each group also had to illustrate their penguin exactly how it is in real life. They learned so much and were all engaged, even though the noise level was through. the. roof.

The penguins look great parading through the hallway!

And to top of the day with a little dose of quiet, we played Heads Up, 7 Up for the first time and it was a smashing success!

I hope your day was as eventful and fun as mine! I'm off to a district-wide 1st grade meeting...should prove to be TONS of fun! :)



  1. I love the penguin activity! What a great way to get all the kiddos engaged!

  2. I ordered Runaway Wok...but it isn't here yet!=( I love the venn diagram...may have to borrow that for next year! =)
    First Grade Blue Skies

  3. Yes on the bachelor! I hate admitting it, but I just can't stop watching.

    My kids were on the ball today too... but I think it is because they knew we were celebrating a birthday in the afternoon!

  4. I love your funny penguins ... so sweet :)

    Grade ONEderful

  5. Thanks for linking up on my giveaway! CUPCAKES are my FAVORITE!! :) Have a great weekend!